The Benefits of Mediation – One Lawyer Instead of Two

• Save you money
• Save you time
• Be private
• Be discussed in a conference room, neither partner will have to go to court
• Be less stressful than a litigated divorce
• The two partners can meet together or separately with the mediator

When you mediate your marital case with Attorney Mediated Divorces, there is one fee that is divided between the partners. You can either use a joint bank account that you two designate will be used to pay for mediation or you each pay one half of the fee. There is no discovery, there are no depositions, there are no subpoenas. You both will voluntarily provide the records needed and requested.

You can move as quickly or as slowly as the two of you decide to conclude your divorce. Some couples meet twice a week, others meet monthly. It is up to you. If you are both motivated to get through the mediation process quickly, in a successful mediation, your marriage issues will be resolved much sooner than if the two of you fight each other in court.