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What Is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law offers divorcing couples a way to resolve their divorce outside of the court system. During the collaborative divorce process, a team of attorneys and neutral professionals—including financial experts, child custody specialists, therapists, and others—assists the couple in resolving the various aspects of the divorce or separation. Collaborative law is an ideal solution for couples wishing to resolve their family law issue in a swift, non-adversarial manner.

The San Jose collaborative law attorney at Attorney Mediated Divorces has more than 30 years of experience practicing family law and alternative conflict resolution. Our firm focuses on helping clients achieve peaceable outcomes to an array of complex and emotionally-charged issues, such as divorce, child custody, support, and more.

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Collaborative Law vs. Mediation

Though both offer an alternative to traditional court proceedings, collaborative law and divorce mediation have a few key differences. It is important to consider these differences carefully when determining which form of alternative conflict resolution you wish to pursue.

Collaborative law differs from mediation in the following ways:

  • In collaborative law, there is no mediator to facilitate communication between the parties or explain the law. However, you do have a collaborative divorce attorney who can give you legal advice and provide you with personalized counsel.
  • In mediation, the involved parties do not need to settle every aspect of the divorce or separation in order to complete the process. If you choose a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse must settle everything if you wish to complete the process.
  • In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse will sign a “no-court” agreement; should you be unable to settle the case outside of court, your collaborative attorney will not be able to represent you in traditional court proceedings.
  • The collaborative divorce process requires both spouses and their respective attorneys to come together for a series of meetings to discuss and settle the various aspects of the divorce or separation. Collaborative professionals may be involved.

Typically, collaborative law works best for couples that wish to resolve their case quickly, efficiently, and affordably. You and your spouse must be able to come to agreements on every aspect of your divorce in order for this process to work. If a dispute arises, such as who will get to live in the primary family home, that cannot be settled, your collaborative attorney cannot represent you in court.

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Our San Jose collaborative lawyer has helped numerous clients successfully navigate the collaborative divorce process. We understand that this is often a difficult and emotional process, but we are here to provide our clients with the professional legal counsel and honest advice they need.

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