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Is It Possible to Change a Divorce Judgment?

In most cases, divorce judgments are modifiable when circumstances change. This is most common in regards to child custody and support, though other aspects of a divorce, such as visitation or spousal support, can also be modified. Final rulings on property division typically cannot be modified.

If you wish to file for a post-divorce judgment modification, it is important that you speak to an experienced attorney who can help you take the necessary steps involved. The San Jose post-judgment modification attorney at Attorney Mediated Divorces has more than 30 years of experience handling a wide range of family law matters, including modifications to final divorce judgments. Our team can help you understand your options and the validity of your case. We offer compassionate, personalized legal counsel and dedicated representation.

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Modifying Child Custody & Visitation Orders

One of the most common reasons for requesting a post-divorce judgment modification involves the issue of child custody and/or visitation. One parent may believe that his or her child should spend more time with him or her and less time with the other parent. Sometimes, a change in job or relocation may make it so that the original child custody arrangement is no longer practical. Whatever the case, in order to request a child custody modification, you must support your case by proving that there has been a “significant change in circumstances.”

Common examples of changes in circumstances that might warrant a child custody or visitation modification include:

  • One parent gets a new job or has a change in his/her work schedule
  • The parent without primary custody moves closer to the other parent
  • The child is at least 14 and exhibits a preference to live with one parent
  • One parent has a substance abuse problem, debilitating mental health issues, or is otherwise unable to properly care for the child
  • One parent has to or wishes to relocate out of the local area or state

These are just some examples of significant changes in circumstances that may allow you to pursue a child custody/visitation modification. Child custody and visitation modification requests may be made at any time.

Child & Spousal Support Modifications

Both child support and spousal support rulings may be modified after a final judgment has been handed down. Despite parental wishes, the court may modify child support at any time if circumstances change that warrant a child support recalculation. The court uses a standard California Child Support Calculator when determining child support; a change in income, number of children, custody percentage, or another factor can lead to a recalculation and child support modification.

Spousal support (sometimes called “alimony”) can also be modified after the original final divorce judgment. It is possible to request a spousal support modification until the time the spousal support order ceases to be in effect, however, it can only be modified based on the terms of the court order.

Contact the San Jose post-judgment modification attorney at Attorney Mediated Divorces to learn more; we can be reached online or by phone at (669) 236-2032.

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