January 2, 2018



Attorney Mediated Divorces specializes in mediation of family law matters, including marriage dissolution, property distribution, parenting timeshare, custody, retirement, child support, and spousal support, among other areas of law. Our attorneys are trained, professional mediators with high-asset dissolution experience. Our office pays special attention to our clients because we know how challenging and completely life-altering a divorce can be. It is our specialty to help our clients settle their dissolution case without the traditional contested divorce structure. You decide how your case is handled amongst each other.


This business has evolved over many years. Valerie Tarvin’s hard work and diligence have shaped this business into what it is today. Her passion for family settlement and cooperation between parties has driven her to pursue the path of mediation, as opposed to the traditional contested divorce. Valerie started this business in 2011, but has been mediating for 21 years and has worked in family law for over 30 years.

Meet the Business Owner

Valerie S. Tarvin, Certified Family Law Specialistvall1

Valerie Tarvin has practiced family law for 30 years and has successfully conducted mediations and settlement conferences throughout her career. She has also received mediation training through Northern California Mediation Center; Peace Talks Mediation Training, Conflicts Resolution Mediation Training, Family Law Mediation, Santa Clara University, and Family Court Mandatory Settlement Conference Training for Temporary Judges and Settlement Attorneys.

Valerie is a mediator who has worked as a Hearing Officer for the County of Santa Clara for 16 years, and in the Family Court as a Settlement Conference Officer. She is experienced in high asset case resolution; tutors law students; associates with other attorneys for strategic case development and coaches clients to be focused on the whole picture and a fair resolution.