November 22, 2011

Valerie S. Tarvin


Valerie S. Tarvin has practiced family law for 30 years and has successfully conducted mediations and settlement conferences throughout her career. She has also received mediation training through Northern California Mediation Center; Peace Talks Mediation Training, Conflicts Resolution Mediation Training, Family Law Mediation, Santa Clara University, and Family Court Mandatory Settlement Conference Training for Temporary Judges and Settlement Attorneys.

Valerie is a mediator who has worked as a hearing Officer for the County of Santa Clara for 16 years, and in the Family Court as a Settlement Conference Officer. She is experienced in high asset case resolution; tutors law students; associates with other attorneys for strategic case development and coaches clients to be focused on the whole picture and a fair resolution.

Valerie’s primary interest is in helping people resolve their dissolution disputes through settlement. This allows the marital partners themselves to decide their future by making agreements concerning their children, support and assets – rather than to have to live by the decisions made by a stranger. If parties have taken an active part in determining vitally important aspects of their future and in the futures of their children, they will more easily adapt to the major changes a divorce brings to a family and move forward in a positive direction.

Marital dissolution matters, including high asset cases, require expertise to identify and propose solutions to valuation and division of assets such as business interests, real estate, stock options, and retirement assets to identify tax and liability exposure. There are serious consequences to not understanding and neglecting such issues. Valerie works with a number of experts (such as family counselors, therapists, appraisers, and CPA’s) in the fields relative to the assets and debts in a particular dissolution action to assist in advising the parties as needed.


As a mediator, Valerie offers guidance and suggests solutions. This style of mediating is called “directive.” Another style is “facilitative,” where the mediator does not assist in the formation of the resolution.

Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding and confidential process which, if it works for you, can and will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and costs.

Separating spouses must decide that they want to resolve their dissolution issues calmly and respectfully for mediation to work.

Sometimes one spouse does not want to be reasonable and amicably resolve the case. A divorce can be so emotionally charged, thought processes are clouded by anger or sorrow. Unfortunately, children are sometimes used as pawns to hurt the other parent. If spouses are angry or vindictive, or engage in deceit and nondisclosure, mediation is not for that couple. Their future is in formal discovery and litigation.

A successful mediation requires that both parties agree to cooperate, be honest and agree to mediate.

Professional Information

  • Law School: Lincoln Law School, San Jose, CA
  • Admitted to the State Bar: 11/29/79
  • County: Santa Clara
  • Certified Legal Specialty: Family Law (State Bar of California)blslogo
  • Phone: 408.380.4410
  • Facsimile: 408.642.1941
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