Can Your Case be Mediated?

  1. Can you two be cordial, be respectful to one another and the mediator and treat one another as business partners during all mediation sessions?
  2. Will you both be honest and accurate with all assets, debts and material information?
  3. Will the two of you put your children’s needs before our own?
  4. Can you both refrain from using your children as pawns in the divorce?
  5. Are you both motivated to end the financial entanglements?
  6. Will you both be responsive and cooperative with requests for information and documents?
  7. Will you both be fair with the other partner and not dominate or manipulate your partner?

If you cannot answer “yes” to all of these questions, you should not hire us. We cannot help you.

However, if the two of you can rise above the pain of the divorce and recognize that there are paths available to end the marriage that will not make you mortal enemies for life and will not deplete your assets, then Attorney Mediated Divorces can help. One path, a successful mediation, will leave your estate in tact and divided only between the two of you; it will allow you to make your own agreement and it will leave you with your assets and your dignity.

You two decide which path you want to take. We would be happy to help you resolve your marital case efficiently with dignity.