Mediation is a Matter of Timing

Why some couples choose mediation while others do not. Choosing to mediate a divorce case is seemingly a “No brainer.” Why? well, if you can keep from spending years in public courts, avoid the stress of being in litigation, save thousands and thousands of dollars, elude having a judge tell you how often you will[…]

Comparing Mediation to Litigation

Mediation: Assess suitability of marital partners to mediation Locate a compatible mediator Attend meetings to discuss issues and assets Draft Proposed Agreement, which partners take to respective consulting attorneys Attend meetings to finalize and sign Marital Settlement Agreement Prepare divorce pleadings and submit documents to Court The number of meetings required will depend upon: The[…]

Can Your Case be Mediated?

Can you two be cordial, be respectful to one another and the mediator and treat one another as business partners during all mediation sessions? Will you both be honest and accurate with all assets, debts and material information? Will the two of you put your children’s needs before our own? Can you both refrain from[…]

An Overview of The Mediation Process

Mediation Entails a Series of Appointments with the Mediator to: • Identify all assets, debts and issues, including child custody and visitation • Discuss the character of assets as being either one partner’s separate assets or the community (joint) property of both marital partners • Discuss the value of the assets, the amount of debts[…]